September 10, 2010

little bits of me.......

Well, admittedly, I haven't had much time to create anything, but I wanted to post a few pic of my summer vacation with my boys. We went to our family cabin just north of Winnipeg MB, and spent 2 weeks eating cookies and playing in the sand.
This is my youngest son Jack. He loved the beach this year, he didn't go in the water much, but when it was time to go up for dinner, it was cry-fest 2010
Ah, my oldest. This is RJ. He looooves the beach.  We couldn't get him out of the water. Like mother like son. My cabin is a very important part of my childhood. My parents bought it in the mid 70's and after the passing of my mother in 2000, my brothers and I have done our best to maintain and share the use of it. For however long I am able to bring my children up here for the summers, I will enjoy every waking and sleeping ( so much better out there ) of it.
And P.S. Toes look better in the sand....... - if you can imagine, you can create it.

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