June 30, 2011

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Ok well, it's almost the first day of the new SU catalogue..... but WAAAAYYYY more exciting than school.....

ya know when you start your year at school, you have a brand new home room, some new school mates, and of course all new text books???? Same subjects as the year before, but maybe a bit more advanced...... either way, sometimes you long for that old text book, that you knew inside and out, top to bottom, with all your notes written on the side, folded corners where you wanted to really remember something........

Well, every year that's how I feel when SU releases their new catalogue and idea book. It's all still Stampin' Up!.... but the layout has changed, the colors are different, things are not in the same place. And every year, I think..... how am I going to remember all this? Well.... just like last year and the year before that ( you get the idea ) I can't wait to dig my heels in deep this year, come up with some amazing ideas, share ones that were taught to me, and display them all ( high hopes ) on this blog site.

I know in my last post I said I was no longer going to be an active demonstrator..... but once you SEE THE NEW CATTY...... don't hesitate to book a party with me. You want this stuff......trust me, my wish list is a mile long already.

I know these are summer mini entries.... but I've been a little busy.
I'm just going to post pics as I make projects. I don't think we all need to read my babbly novels every single time.....lol....sigh

- don't forget to take time for yourself.

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