November 3, 2010

Gift fit for "Royalty"

I decided to take a break from prepping for the Christmas Card Extravaganza!  and saw this notification from the ladies at Stampin Royalty So I thought why not try something out.

Like me, I'm sure you all at some point have seen something you really really like..... and you've debated.... " should I buy that? Or can I make it?" THIS is one of those instances for me. I was down at the Calgary Farmers Market Fibres of Life vendor, buying the purse I've wanted for months.....( it's got dragonflies on it) and I saw that they were selling these felt pins for $20. Now, I don't make my felt ( they do ) but I thought I'd give it a whirl and see if I couldn't save myself $

 So I went to the craft store, bought some felt ( $.49 ea) and some pin backings ( 60@$4.99) and off I went. Using the BIG SHOT made it easy, also finding my glue gun was helpful..... really helpful.

This took NO TIME at all. Making the card to attach it to took longer ( you know how that goes ) and if anyone would like me to make another and take pictures along the way, a sort of tutorial if you like, let me know, and I will twist my own arm to make more future Christmas Gifts!

-if you can imagine, you can create it.


  1. Lovely card. You made good use of the colours. Love the Baroque Motifs and your flower is excellent. Thanks for playing with Stampin' Royalty.

  2. Beautiful job with your flower, and a nice addition to your card. Great job with this color challenge.
    Thanks for playing along with Stampn' Royalty.

  3. HA! Love it! I know a certain little girl that would freak out over a "flowfer" from Auntie Colleen.

    Looks great, thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely card, great use of the colours, thanks for playing along with Stamping Royalty this week. Gardenia

  5. Love your use of the colors for this weeks challenge! Great job! Thanks for playing this weeks Stampin' Royalty challenge!

  6. Amazing job. Great work. I love the way you use the colours in the challenge. And that felt flower is fabulous. Thanks for joining us this week at SR.