November 3, 2010

New ( another ) Obsession!!

Uh Oh..... seems I have found yet another use for the big shot, and another reason to totally make the biggest mess in my craft-room. 

My new obsession!

Felt everything! Flower Pins.......

Flower Pins on Handmade Wallets!.......

Changing my mind on the floral scheme and background on the Handmade wallet...... you see where this will end up going.....

I'm in sooooooo much trouble. Can't wait to try it on an actual layout!

 - if you can imagine, you can create it.


  1. OH! Great pins! I hope to try this type of thing soon too. Following you (from another part of Canada!) via Stampin Connection

  2. Hi dear.. these are so so cute.. Love it. I always wonder where does it stop.. I think the sowing machine is my line.. I do not know how to handle that one.. Such a shame with all the great stuff that is out there...
    Glad you still have space in your craft room for more mess.. I need more mess in my life!

    Inky hugs, Pauline