October 7, 2010

A Big Thanks!

I just received my first blog award! Thank you to Pigtail1's Paper Patch!
Once you receive this award you do the following:

-thank the person who passed it to you
-post it on your blog
-share 3 things you like about yourself or that you enjoy doing
-pass it on to 5 others

the 3 things i enjoy doing::
drinking coffee, watching a select few regular programs on tv when I get the chance, and being able to spend quality time with my husband and kids.

so now to pass this on to:
Pauline @ the pursuit of stampin'ess
the ladies over @Pals Paper Arts
Ellen Kemper @Blinkin' Thinkin' and Inkin'  
and Andrea @Card Making Momma

- if you can imagine, you can create it.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Colleen. Congrats on your blog Award. You so deserve it. I love your humor and honest writing at the same time. And your cards and scrapbook pages are beautiful and fun. Thanks for sharing your passion with so many of us!

    So sweet that you thought of my blog when you received the award. How fun.. Love the cupcakes and the cherry & what it stands for. I will pass it on.
    Hugs, Pauline