October 28, 2010

Christmas Card Extravaganza

Well we're doing it again, but this year there's a twist. I'm holding a card party with a competitor! Ruth from CTMH ( owner of Stamp Off Eh? ) and I are going to be making kits from our respective companies, and sharing them with friends on the 14th of November. We are doing 4 designs each , and everyone attending will be making 12 cards. We are charging a small fee for the kits, and the hostess is providing the space ( very important ) and the drinks (even more important).  Hit the link in the blog title to see the facebook event.

No matter how you look at it, having a bunch of friends over to make Christmas cards, with pot-luck favorites and hot chocolate is probably the best way to get your card-groove on.

These are the hopefuls I will be presenting in my kit......

 Send me an email for more information if you are interested in a kit, the party is for Calgarians only ;(

- if you can imagine, you can create it.

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  1. great cards...have fun...wish i were a calgarian for this